Freedom “Good” Friday

For believers, today is a big day. At first, its easy to question what is so “good” about Good Friday. I mean, a human being was falsly arrested, tortured and murdered on a cross. What’s “good” about that?

I’ve been reflecting on this day today with a fresh perspective. There is alot of injustice going on in the world and we are seeing it happen more and more under the guise of “Covid”. I live in Canada and it is supposed to be a free country. I’m not feeling very free lately. Are you?

We are being told to wear masks “muzzles”, where to go, where not to go, how to shop, who we can be with, who we can’t be with, how many people we can be with, how to worship, don’t sing, wear two maks, wear three masks, no school, etc. Then there is the whole racism, sexism, social justice issues being preached to us every day.

We are being told how to think and how to live. If we don’t do what we are told we are shamed, guilted, bullied, harrassed, fined, and even in some cases jailed. Recently a Pastor by Edmonton was imprisoned in a Maximum Security Jail for 34 days. What was his crime? He refused to do what he was told and held a worship service.

The root of everything we see going on in our world is NOT racism, sexism, or any other social justice issue being proclaimed.

The root issue is SIN.

Those who do not accept and follow Jesus are slaves to sin. This is why today is so important! Jesus shows us all, the way to FREEDOM from sin. FREEDOM from oppression. In order for us to be truly free we must be willing to be persecuted in HIS NAME. That means we must reject the world. We must boldly declare our freedom in Jesus. Jesus refused to do what he was told. He stood before pilot and accepted the worlds judgement. He was tortured and then carried his own cross where he was crucified. He died for our freedom.

Today I want to thank Jesus again for showing the way. For freedom from being enslaved to the sinful nature the dmonates this world.

I urge you to accept Jesus Christ today and declare your freedom in his name.




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