It’s been a chilly week and when I mean chilly, I mean -45 to -50 Celcius. (that’s -49 to -58 F for my American friends). Our furnace has not been able to keep up. So, been burning alot of wood and had our electric heater on all day long. Some of Amerian friends have asked, “how is that even possible?” Trust me. It’s possible. The idea that you can throw a pot of boiling water into the air and it turns to snow, is TRUE.

Despite the extreme cold, we are grateful for our fireplace although my wife is not thrilled in the morning. She’s chilled! By Friday the temperature will start warming up and I look forward to get back on the ice and catch me some perch and walleye.

Have you every been ice fishing? Do you have a “winter story?” What’s the coldest weather you have experienced?

Hard to believe that Spring is just over a month away!



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