Worry 101

Being an anxiety disorder recoverer, I have an intimate understanding of worrying destructively. I used to worry about everything: what people thought of me, do they like me, do I have some kind of life threatening disease, am I going to get in trouble etc. I even worried I would die by the time I was thirty (I’m fifty two) for no obvious reason. I just felt like I would die by the time I was thirty.

What exactly is worry? The best definition I know of is this, “using your imagination to make yourself sick.” I could not agree more.

Throughout my recovery from my anxiety disorder I learned a valuable lesson about worry. Most of them with either NEVER happen and/or there is absoluty nothing I can do about them. Those worries I can do something about are actually exceedingly rare.

I have adopted a realisistic yet optimisitc approach to life. The optimist in me expects good things to occur. The realist in me knows I have no clue what the future holds. Only God knows my future. All I can do is imagine what it could be. I have learned to dismiss those worries I can do nothing about and only address those that have a relatively high probability of occuring I can do something about.

There are so many moving parts going on in our world right now. So many things we can get caught up worrying about. I personally choose to dismiss those I have no power to prevent or prepare for. I choose repeatedly to pray those worries over to God.

Spend a little time differentiating between those worries you can actually do something about and those you obviously cannot. Focus only on those that have a high probability of occuring. Let the rest go by the way side. Focus on what you do control. Focus on what you know, NOT what you can imagine.



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