I want More

The concept of wanting more is a common distortion many have. A client I am working with said this about their life,

My life is defined by More. More sales growth, more profitability, more freedom, more time away from work, more time at work, more coaching the kids, more relaxing (looking for relaxing time), more time as Mayor, more planning for retirement with wife, more thought about future political office, more, more, more. 

Provided with permission.


The truth is, less really is more. There are those of us who are simply chasing time and shoulding themselves into a chronic anxiety disorder. Sure, the “I want more” approach to life holds several benefits but at what cost? You simply cannot be “on” all of the time. Eventually your body will shut down. Chronic stress and tension built up over time leads to several negative physical, mental and emotional consequences. It is inevitable. All that time, chasing time, only to lose it.

The more on you are, the more off you will feel.

Stephen W. Smith, The Jesus Life

Consider yourself challenged to reflect “more” on the “less is more” concept. If you really want more out of life we need to define what less looks like. Less driveness mean more health. Less perfectionism means more flexibility. Less people pleasing means more sanity. Less avoidance means more solutions. LESS REALLY IS MORE

So, if you really do want more try incorporating more less. Sit back, enjoy a cool drink a hot cup of decaf coffee and enjoy the moment. Stop trying to create more of everything and everyone. Be quiet. Be still. Be patient. Sit with yourself a while and feel more of you!


2 thoughts on “I want More

  1. Wanting more and wanting less is something I’ve been working through lately. In May and June 2019, when my ex-husband was in the process of moving out and we had decided to end our marriage, I spent several weeks going through 20 years’ of stuff. We separated our assets; since I was to continue to live with my sister and her family, I chose to give most stuff to my ex, so that he would have a good start with furniture, dishes, and things he would need to create a new home. I packed away my share of belongings that my sister already had.

    In the last couple of months, since I’ve made the decision to relocate from Washington to Arizona, once again, I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting less and simplifying things. I have collected nutcrackers since I was 8 years old. I have nearly 200 of them. As an adult, I always had them out and displayed throughout my home. I also have various knick knacks and other things, some of which are sentimental, all of which I packed away in 2019. I also have a large collection of Avon dishes that we used for special occasions, especially Christmas get togethers. Now that I am divorced, no children, and moving to a place where I will have no family around me, I have no need for the dishes and have chosen to get rid of them. My collection of nutcrackers and other knick knacks are another story. There is a part of me that wants to continue collecting because it’s something I’ve always done, and I do love them. At the same time, there is a part of me that wants to simplify and either get rid of some or all of the collection. As much as I love them, they are a pain in the butt to keep dusted and taken care of so they don’t break. I have been torn on what to do with them. For now, I’ve decided they will make the move with me and I will decide later what to do with them.

    Life changes are hard. One good thing that comes out of them is the chance to think about and reflect on what is truly important. It gives us the opportunity to figure out what “less is more” means to us and how to simplify our lives. Living simplified does not mean we have to live without, it gives us space to enjoy more the things we deem important because there is less clutter surrounding us and those things, we deem important.

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