Every Therapist needs to know this!

Thank You!

2 thoughts on “Every Therapist needs to know this!

  1. Thank you for the invitation to your page! I look forward to witty banter that is thought-provoking and respectful. I shared this meme about therapists on my FB page, with my own thoughts attached to it. I am beyond thankful and have gained immense respect and admiration for the mental health community and mental health practitioners. I truly do no know where I would be if it weren’t for my own counselor. In my FB post, I gave a little glimpse of how he has shown up for me and walked with me through good, bad, and truly ugly. I am truly blessed and honored that God has given me a passion for mental health and called me to this healing profession. On behalf of your past, current, and future clients, thank you Stacey for the healing work you do!

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