Hi there! I am married to one woman, a father to two beautiful daughters, have three cats and one awesome dog named BO! I am a practicing therapist specializing in anxiety, stress, and depression disorders. You can learn more about my professional profile at:


I am passionate about God, freedom, truth, growth, learning, and inspiring others to reach their full potential. Welcome to our life!

In this community we will discuss, challenge, encourage, empower and enlighten each other with the life lessons we learn each day.

We shall be over-comers! We shall speak truth in love. We will fight for each other, NOT with each other.

We will honour each persons right to their own opinion, values and choices. 

We will love, learn and grow TOGETHER!

Share what matters to you! Why it matters to you! Share your stories, photos, and lessons life is teaching you. Lessons we can all deliberate and learn from together. 


15 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Exciting !!!!
    You always have something good to say, whether people want to hear it or not, accept it or not.
    Sometimes the truth hurts.
    Sometimes wearing rose colored glasses is safer, but, the world isn’t safe anymore as we once knew it to be.
    But, holding hands and helping one another is the way.
    Speaking, sharing, learning together,
    It’s what you do best Stacey.

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